Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nayeli's first outings!

This weekend was so much fun taking Nayeli out and showing her off. On Saturday we took Nayeli to Babies R Us and she loved shopping for herself. It is so much fun picking stuff out for her with her there. Shane and I filled the cart with alot of stuff. We love to spoil our little Princess!

We took Nayeli to church for the first time today. We weren't sure which service to take her too. If we took her to the 930am it is at the same time she takes her nap. If we took her to the 11am it's right when she is waking up or feeding time. We decided to go the 930am and if she showed any signs of being tired and wanting to fall asleep I would go into a quiet area. She shocked both of us. She loved the music and she was awake the entire time without a fuss. I was in tears when we were singing a worship song. I remembered singing that same exact song when I was pregnant. I had so many emotinons just having Nayeli with us at church today. Shane and I made a special prayer for all the CDH babies today, who are fighting the fight and for those who we have lost to CDH.

After the service I breastfed her and I was shocked that she fed away from home. It was now 11am and she still had not taken a nap. She was so happy to be out with us she wanted to stay awake. We were on our way to Target when she decided to take a nap. Shane and I were getting hungry so we decided to go eat before stopping at Target. We weren't sure how our first dining experience with Nayeli would be. We were excited to find out. When we got to the restaurant Nayeli was still sleeping so we let her sleep. Nayeli woke up right when our food came out. She sat in her stroller and played with her toys and enjoyed watching the waiters and waitresses walk by. She let us eat and was so happy. Since our day was going so well and we wanted to stay cool. We decided to go to Target. Nayeli was tired but wanted to stay up and watch everything around her. She showed no signs of wanting to go to sleep. Nayeli finally passed out in the car on the way home. She is a true shopper like her mommy! She will shop til she drops. Even though I have signs on her stroller that say wash hands before you touch mine on. People still touched her. I don't get it. Shane and I are being very cautious and wipe the shopping carts with antibacterial wipes and use our hand sanitizer each time we are going to hold Nayeli. We might be paranoid and extremely cautious but we think it's worth it.
Our Pastor John Meritt, he married us three years ago on May 27th
Nayeli loves her shades!Eating out!
Notice we are the only ones in the restaurant. Early birds!

Nayeli shopped til she dropped!

On Saturday Twinkie and Molly were pampered with a Spa Day. I had to get Nayeli a new tub because her old one had the shower pump break. I bought Nayeli the same exact one but she now has a pink background instead of blue. I went ahead and used her old tub to give Molly a bath. Molly enjoyed it! Shane gave Twinkie a bath in the big tub. Now we have clean doggies in the house. I don't think that will last very long. They get stinky quick.


Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Yay Nayeli, first shopping trip! Glad to hear that you guys had fun. Nayeli sounds like a true little lady shopper :0).

Timothy and Jenny Rogers said...

The greatest feeling ever when you get to come out of isolation and show Nayeli off. Congratulations! What a day to cherish, glad you all were able to take her to church and share her with so many people who have been praying for her.

Tracy Meats said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I am sure Nayeli enjoyed the new sights and sounds. Nayeli sounds like she is one happy baby most of the time!!

Hugs, Tracy

Aep said...

Glad to see you all out and about!! Very exciting!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you guys had such a wonderful "first family outing". I love the pics- Nayeli certainly did shop till she dropped! Enjoy all the adventures to come!

Jen Rocha

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news ... what a trooper, and typical girl ... stop til ya drop. I am so happy for the 3 of you. I am glad she is taking to the "outside" world with such excitement and wonder. Looking forward to meeting her some day son! I promise I will wash my hands !! * Robin *

Rachel said... fun and exciting that your first day out was a success!

I'm so happy to hear such great news!

brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

She it too cute in those shades. She knows it, too! Love the pic of her at Target. I'm glad you were able to get out and be a normal family. I don't understand people either--keep your dirty hands to yourself! :)

Megan Larson said...

Wow, that is so awesome! I'm so glad you all had a fabulous time out and about. It must have been so freeing to finally be out of the house. It sounds like Nayeli had a fabulous time.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed her first trip to church. I am so jealous of John! I am so glad things are going well. Keep up the great work. Nayeli is gorgeous!

Chanda D Brady said...

I've been trying to catch up on all the blogs and I think Nayeli's is my favorite at the moment. She is just looking beautiful. Very hard to read when you just look at the pictures and can't wait to hold your own!!! was nice catching up on what's going on with her and I'm glad to see that you guys can start going out. It sucks that people touch without thinking but I think of my pre-CDH times and remember thinking that parents were being paranoid. I didn't have to be so cautious when my son was born nearly 14 years ago but of course am already getting in the habit of using hand sanitizer so that my little Ireland Rose will stay healthy as can be. ....maybe when we broadcast our CDH awareness to the world we should also advocate the importance of the simple act of sanitizing...I don't know, just a thought. ....Anywho, your family looks so very complete. It's good to see her smiling and loving life. Take care of yourself!!! Chanda

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

Kaden still will not fall asleep in the car unless it is dark out. He has fallen asleep only once or twice during the day in the car since his first trip home. I think it is because he too does not want to miss anything.

About taking them out and people touching them, I just don't get it. Twice we have had two complete strangers kiss him (he was about 2 or so when this happened). One of the ladies kissed him when it was cold and flu season and we were in the hospital going to an appt for him. I was in COMPLETE shock. I still use germ x and clorox wipes, although I will admit I am a little more relaxed about it in the summer months...I need to get back into the swing of things though with that darn swine flu going around.