Sunday, June 28, 2009

Full House

*5 Adults
*1 Baby
*4 Dogs
*1 Cat = A FULL HOUSE!

Grandma Dar arrived from Buffalo on June 22nd and is visiting for two weeks. My parents arrived on June 25th and left today. We have had a fun week. On Wednesday we took Nayeli to the Park with Grandma Dar. We went on a steam train. It was so much fun! Nayeli does the funniest look when she goes in a tunnel or a dark place. Her eyes get really big. On the 23rd we took Nayeli to where Shane and I work. My Sgt. got to meet Nayeli along with other coworkers. It was great showing her off. My parents and I took Nayeli to the Steam trains again and we also took her on a carousel. It was a great day! On Saturday the 27th we took Nayeli to Pier 39 to escape the heat wave. We showed Nayeli the sea lions and she loved watching them. She also enjoyed people watching. We went to eat the Rainforest Cafe and Nayeli was so interested in the fake elephants and Gorilla that are animated. We thought she would get scared she got a kick out of them.

Nayeli has been giving her daddy a hard time when it's his turn to put her to bed. We have a routine of either giving her a bath or massage and giving her a bottle or I breastfeed her. We hold her upright for a 1/2 hour to help her with her reflux. Nayeli gives Shane a hard time. She has cried to the point where she pukes on him. We think this is because I am home with Nayeli more than Shane is because he is working alot. We hope this gets better.


Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Nayeli is so beautiful! Sorry to hear about the reflux, I hope that it gets better soon. Re daddy feeding, there are times when Alina doesn't accept the bottle from Alex either- I guess these little ones associate mommy with feeding and daddy with playing and probably get confused. Or maybe they just like their mommy time :0) LOL.
We are thinking about you guys and are hoping to meet one day- hopefully soon.
Big hugs.

Aly and Izy said...

Busy, busy fun! Liz, this is Cyndi~ Kristi Kuehls friend could you please email me at I want to give you info in regards to the online boutique but I don't have your email address. Thanks, Cyndi

brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

How was the carrier? I hope you weren't too hot! She is adorable and I love the picture of her wide open eyes in the tunnel. I love that you are getting out more and enjoying the Summer.