Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Social Butterfly

Sunday we went to Church and Nayeli stayed up the entire service and still had energy to say hi to Pastor John and Pastor Chris. She is becoming more social and is having a great time meeting everyone and loves to people watch. After Church Shane and I decided to go to lunch. Nayeli really enjoys being out with us. She had a great time. We forgot her booster seat and were afraid to put her in one of the restaurant boosters so we had her stay in her stroller until she was done eating.

On Monday I decided to take the jogging stroller out for a test drive. Shane and I went to this nice park near us. Nayeli enjoyed watching the ducks. The last time she saw ducks for the first time she started to cry. This time she was happy to see them. A few ducks got very close. I am so glad Nayeli liked the jogging stroller, this means I will be getting back into shape.

On Tuesday I took Nayeli grocery shopping to Trader Joes with me. Everyone in the store wanted to touch her. I have a sign that says "wash your hands before you touch mine". I guess everyone ignores the sign and still wants to touch her. Shane and I wonder if we are ever going ot stop being paranoid about people touching her. Nayeli did great grocery shopping. She loves to shop no matter where we are. I bought organic frozen carrots, sweet peas and green beans. Cadenne's mommy gave me this great book with recipes. I can't wait to use it. Carter's mommy and Owain's mommy also have given me some tips on how to cook some yummy stuff. It will be better and cheaper to do. So we will give it a try.

Today Nayeli and I met with her Godmommy Harris for lunch. Thank you for the nice gift, we had a great time. Nayeli had fun people watching and was very talkative. It was the first time that I have taken her out to a restaurant without Shane. It felt pretty good being able to know I can do it. Nayeli and I are enjoyed our girlie time.


Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Isn't she a star. I love the pictures, especially the one with Shane- so adorable. Looks like someone is daddy's girl already.
What do you mean by getting into shape? Liz, you look great!
Hugs from the UK.

Rachel Dominguez said...

Love the picture of you guys by the fountain.

Nayeli just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

She's going to be quite the heartbreaker! I swear she just gets cuter and cuter. Good luck with the baby food. I ended up buying a steamer basket that drops into any pot you have. I also got a 3 cup Cuisinart food processor (Amazon for around $30) that works better than any other masher I've tried. You'll have to play around until you figure it out. One tip: do not use the water from the carrots to thin them--it has too many nitrates. I didn't know this and wasted an entire bag of carrots doing this and then had to throw it all away!

Megan Larson said...

It was good to talk to you yesterday, Liz. I love the picture of you and Nayeli in the sunglasses. So adorable! I'm so glad you're able to have outings with her.

Chanda D Brady said...

I love looking at all of those adorable pics. It amazes me that this little one had such a rough start in life...she looks so incredibly healthy and happy. Glad to see that you look well too!!! the way, you look great! It's nice to remember that these bellies do go down!!! Chanda

Aep said...

So glad to see you all out and about and enjoying this time! In the beginning Marco stayed in the stroller in the beginning as well. I disinfect anything he can possibly touch and have those covers that go over the restaurant high chair. It is a fisher price on that pretty much covers all the surfaces and then it folds inside so you don't have to touch anything that touched the seat :) It is great!!! We still use it and still after 2 yrs I am still paranoid, a little better but it helps :)
Good luck with the yummy food and have a fun summer!!

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

What a sweetie!!! Of course she is going to have admirers when you are out...look at here. I understand though the paranoia. Dont't worry, one day you will smile without gritting your teeth when strangers touch her hands, but you will probably never stop thinking "what if." I still do it...I just try to shut it out (sometimes :)).

Jenna said...

I love that park you guys are at in couple pictures. Oakhill, right? I take the kids I nanny for there. They love the little hiking trail and all the ducks!