Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wobbly Baby!

Two days ago Nayeli sat up unsupported for a total of ten minutes. Yesterday she did the same. She is still wobbly but is so happy to sit up. She loves her indpendence that she gets upset if we try to put her in her bouncy seat. The other day during her bath Nayeli didn't want to lay down anymore. She pulled herself up by grasping on to the edges of the tub and held on during her bath. She is so strong. It is a challenge to give her a bath when you have a slippery baby who is wobbly. It almost feels like basting a slippery turkey.

We noticed that when Nayeli's Reglan starts getting low she tends to puke alot more. She was doing it a few times daily until we got the new bottle. She still pukes but not as much. Nayeli is starting to have a bigger appetitie. When she wakes up I breastfeed her and she latches on for a good 15 minutes. I am so happy! I never thought that this would happen. She is starting to boycott the bottle and want to breastfeed instead. I went shopping for nursing shirts and found alot of cute ones. I was so used to just nursing her at home I never thought of how complicated it can be when we are out. So far she is doing fine when we are out. She gets distracted and sometimes bites me out of frustration when we are out. We are feeding solids twice a day and it's going well. Her poops are getting bigger and smell alot stronger. Shane and I are so proud of her poops.

We had a photo shoot Karen today. Karen who took pictures of us while I was still pregnant. She runs a non profit organization called "Moment by Moment" please take a moment and visit her website. The link is on the right handside. Her foundation does great things. Karen took wonderful pictures of the three of us along with Twinkie and Molly. This morning Nayeli woke us up at 4am, 5am, 6am and then 7am. I have a feeling Shane and I are going to look tired in the pictures. We had a fun time taking pictures. Thank you so much Karen for a memorable time! I will post the pictures as soon we get them back.
My shoe is tasty!

Mommy holding me up so I don't puke.


Stephanie said...

She is a doll!!!!


Terri said...

Elizabeth I LOVE that bath picture. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter! You both look great. Such an adorable family! I think of you guys OFTEN and wish we lived closer!

Tracy Meats said...

Just adorable!! Nayeli is doing great!!

Much love, Tracy

Irvin family said...

Nayeli, is just beautiful! We love watching her grow!!

Love, Sheree

Rachel Dominguez said...

gosh she is cute.

As for the waking up all night...

Man am I tired. Melana is almost 23mo old and last night (STILL)she was up 4times.

Man o Man do I miss having older kids. :)

Megan Larson said...

She's a supermodel! I agree with Terri: I LOVE the picture of her in the bath! That will be great to pull out on the plane and show to strangers when she's 15 and being just as stubborn and independent.

It's so exciting that she's able to sit up! I remember how pleased with himself John was when he sat up for the first time. Our babies are so amazing!

I'm looking forward to a time when we can get together! We'll be home tomorrow night but tired, but I'd love to talk to you on Wednesday if you're around! Talk to you soon!


theparkerreesefoundation said...

I cannot believe how big she's getting! She is absolutely adorable, Liz!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful! Yeah Nayeli - soon she will be walking and talking on the telephone! Enjoy the moment.