Monday, August 31, 2009

Kitty and Boo

I am going to miss waking up every morning and seeing Neyeli like this. She is so cute, smiley, and talkative in the morning. I go back to work in two weeks:( I am enjoying every single minute!

Nayeli had her hearing test last Thursday. She passed! They did different tests. It was hard to see the Doctor do this one test on Nayeli. She put these things in her ear. Nayeli did not like it and cried until it was over. I was upset with the Nurse and Shane took pictures, as usual, to capture the moment. The next hearing test is in six months. We are so proud of our little girl! Here is a video of Nayeli after her Doctors appt.
This past week she has gotten stronger and stands up in her Pak N Play every time we put her in it. She stays standing for almost 10 minutes. Once she gets tired she gets this look of frustration on her face. It is cute! She is teething again! She is drooling all over herself and bites everything she can, including the dogs tails. Twinkie walks away while Molly gives her tons of doggy kisses. When Nayeli crawls by Twinkie and Molly she squints and waits for them to kiss her. It's funny to watch. Last weekend she started trying to say "Kitty" and she has now said it a few times. Shane didn't count it as her first word until he heard it himself. He finally gave her a thumbs up this weekend and acknowledged she said "kitty." Nayeli also is trying to say book. She will look at her books and say "boo."

We are doing baby sign language with her as well. So far she just giggles when we do the dog sign or just looks at us in amazement. She loves to listen to music. Anytime she hears any tunes she will start bouncing up in down where ever she is. If we are holding her she get so happy. Daddy was very proud of Nayeli as she showed a love for live "Blue Grass" music at a steak cook off we went to this weekend. Grandpa Jim would be especially proud of his granddaughter!
Steam Train! It's great during the week, no crowds! She makes the funniest face when we go through the tunnel. Showing Nayeli the animals at the wildlife rehabilitation center. She saw a grey horned owl, golden eagle, red tail hawk, coyotes, and more! All of us at the dog park for a doxie meetup. Molly waiting patiently for a piece of cereal.


Timothy and Jenny said...

SO glad that she past her hearing test, I know it helps just knowing that they can hear you.
Nayeli is growing up so fast, soon she'll be walking around holding onto everything, how exciting! So glad that you all are doing well.


Tracy Meats said...

Good news on the hearing test!!! Nayeli is such a wonderful joy to watch grow! I got a kick out of her face, going through the tunnel, too cute. Watch out mom, before you know it, she will be cruising. Keep smiling Nayeli!!

Hugs, Tracy

Kate said...

OMG LOVE the face while going thru the tunnel!! That was awesome! And the video was soo cute. You can tell her I think the same thing after doctor appts!! :)

Alex, Ingrid & Alina Houchin said...

She is soo cute! Lol, Alina makes the same face when we turn the light off- hilarious. Sounds like Nayeli and Alina have a lot in common- Alina also loves books and can't get enough of listening to music :0).
Sorry to hear about going back to work. I can imagine how tough it must be. Good luck and hope you have a good start.

Elizabeth said...

She is so adorable - but how many times have I written that? Loved the video and glad she passed her hearing test!

I also LOVE that face through the tunnel! She is so expressive!

She will be walking soon - and her dog friends will have to become more agile around her!

With thoughts & prayers,

Anonymous said...

OMG the tunnel face is a riot !! Hope to see you guys soon.
-Jenn Ray