Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Count down!

I am enjoying my last week off with Nayeli before I go back to work. I haven't cried alot yet but I am sure I will. I am trying to hold back. I don't want Nayeli to see me upset. Shane is taking next week off so it will make the transition easier. I requested for my hours to be reduced at work one more time. It was denied. I know God always has a plan. Whatever his plan is we praise him each day and thank him for our precious little girl. Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers.
Psalm 120:1
I took my troubles to the Lord;
I cried out to him, and he answered my prayer.

My mom will start coming to help with Nayeli in two weeks from L.A. I spoke with UCSF and they told me of a special mask my mom can wear during the cold/flu season on the plane when commuting back and forth. It's not your average mask. It's one that nurses wear when there is virus outbreak or TB patient they have to treat. I am ordering one for my parents and one for ourselves to keep handy.

Nayeli went one week without waking up after she went to sleep for the night. For the past few weeks she wakes up one hour after she goes to sleep and wants to breastfeed. She does it a couple of times a week. I breastfeed her and bottle feed her before she goes to bed. I guess she is thirsty. I change her diaper twice before I go to bed and she sleeps the rest of the night.

One new habit that Nayeli has picked up is that she will flap her arms up and down if she wants something or if she is upset. We think it's cute but we try not to laugh in front of her. Something else she is mastering is she pulls herself up to a standing position and then she lets herself go and she lands on her tush. She loves it! Thank goodness she has some padding with her diaper. When she does it on the hardwood floor she tends to let go a little lower. Smart Girl!

Nayeli trying to figure out how to turn on the TV Nayeli trying to call John and Carter! Here is Nayeli flapping her arms. If you listen closely at the end she says Boo.

Shane's grandfather passed away suddenly last week. We are very saddened over his passing. We are extremely sad that he never got to meet Nayeli. Shane is not going to go to Colorado for his granfather's funeral. Shane doesn't want to take any chances going on a plane and getting sick. We are sad we can't be there to support our family.


brad.kellie.babyc.lucy said...

Carter stole Brad's cell phone earlier in the week and we couldn't figure out who he was trying to talk I know! I am sorry to hear that your hours won't be reduced at work. Hang in there and you will figure out the plan. I'm glad your mom will be able to help out and will be praying she stays well.

I hope to catch you tomorrow, but I'm sure the kids will intervene and keep us from talking!

FaithCDH said...

Prayers for an easy transition back to work. I hope that things work out. I love reading your updates and feel so blessed to have "met" you guys. Nayeli continues to amaze me and renews my "Faith".


The Miles Family

The Hobbs Family said...

Praying that going back to work will go smoothly and that somehow they can eventually reduce your work hours! Hang in there- Phil 4:6-7


Tracy Meats said...

I am sorry for your loss...many prayers for your family.

Will be thinking of you next week and praying for strength for you. Nayeli will be in good hands and is so lucky to have your parents taking care of her. Kids always have a special bond with their grandparents. Hope your transition goes smoothly for all of you.

Nayeli is getting so big!! Love wathcing her grow.

Hugs, Tracy

Alex, Ingrid & Alina Houchin said...

She looks so grown up, wow, where does the time fly. It sounds funny the way she flapps her arms :0).
Sorry to hear that your work couldn't be more flexible and we hope that the transition will go smoothly for both of you. Shane, so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. Our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult times.
Hugs from the UK.

Kate said...

I'm sorry to hear your hours won't be reduced- I wonder why they keep rejecting that.. It is nice tho that our parents (my parents in law) can help out! Makes it much easier to leave during the day.

I am praying you stay healthy as does your mother- I didn't have as much luck... and K was gone for several nights just to help keep her from getting this awful cold.

Megan Larson said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Shane's grandfather. I know EXACTLY how he feels because my grandfather passed last Spring and I could not attend his funeral for the same reason. Two months later when it was safe, my family had a second ceremony for those who couldn't make it to the funeral. I wish your family peace and I'll send prayers your way. I know the ache in your heart, Shane, and I'm so sorry for your loss.

Nayeli continues to be such a beautiful blessing. Soon our babies will be one--can you even believe it? Thank you for staying in touch with us and I'm sure someday we'll all meet in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Liz, I am so sorry you have to go back to work. We will be sending hugs your way next week. I cannot believe how big Nayeli is now, she beautiful! We're dealing with the full on temper tantrums now with Caden, and yes, it's hard not to laugh. They are so dramatic :) I wonder if they really think we'll give in??? Have a wonderful weekend, Tera