Saturday, September 19, 2009

Books not just for Reading

Nayeli loves her books. She also likes to chew on them. She says Book when she sees her book from a distance. She gets so happy when we give it to her. She did the baby sign for duck today. She loves to see pictures of little boys. Especially Carters and Johns. Oh oh! We are in trouble. Yesterday while we were out to dinner Nayeli saw this little four year little boy sitting a few tables away. Nayeli kept smiling at him. Eventually the little boy came over and said can I say hi to the baby. We told him sure but keep your distance. We are so paranoid and cautious. The little boy smiled and waved at Nayeli. Nayeli was giggly. She is only 10 months old and she is flirting. I think it's cute and funny. Shane doesn't think so. He keeps saying something about several firearms.

We had such a nice day today. We went to our friends daughter's birthday party today. We kept our distance from the other children at the party just to be on the safe side. Nayeli had a great time watching the other kids play on the water slide and the play yard. I think she thinks she is very independent she started to crawl away from us several times. She would get so upset when we would come after her. We are going to have our hands full when she starts walking.

What a cute little pout
Miss Independent
I don't think she thinks we can catch up to her. Nayeli taking everything out of her diaper bag.


Kate said...

omg she is sooo cute!! and it's so funny that she is flirting!! I love it!!

brad.kellie.babyc.lucy said...

Books also make great pillows! Can you send me some tips on crawling in the grass, because I just hate the way it feels and I am scared to venture off the blanket?
You are so cute and I can't wait to meet you in person!

Alex, Ingrid & Alina Houchin said...

Lol, isn't it hilarious when you see their little personalities. Sounds like you two have quite a strong willed little Miss on your hands- I wonder who she's taking :0)
Liz, how did it go with going back to work?

Jean ashner said...

Love the pout! And she knows how to use it already doesn't she?! But how can you refuse that?
You are going to have your hands full! At least my girls have older brothers and yes lots of firearms to dissuade any potential suitors--I'm sure they will be happy to give Shane a few tips if he needs some :-) Yea like a police officer needs tips on how to protect his daughter! Will be praying that going back to work will be smooth and as painless as possible for all.
So proud of Nayeli. You are such a strong, determined and darn cute young lady. Keep it up!

Megan Larson said...

So many changes, and it goes so fast! She's doing terrific!
Aren't guys so funny? Nik thought it was great when John was flirting with these cute college girls on the airplane in May, but I said, what if we had a daughter who was flirting with cute college boys? His response was a reference to guns, too. Sheesh!

I love that she can say "book." We will have to teach John! He likes looking at Nayeli's pictures, too!