Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We can't believe you are 11 months!

I peeked in to see you and held your hand before I left to go to work today. I peek in every morning to see you before I leave to go to work. I miss not seeing you in the morning when you wake up. It's been so hard leaving you everyday. I cried non stop the first day I went back to work. I didn't think I was going to make it through the day. Then daddy surprised me and brought you to see me twice this week. I was so happy! I am sad going to work everyday but I know I have to in order for us to survive. I cherish the days I will have off with you. I hope those days go slow and my work days go fast.
Phillippians 4:11b, "For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances."

I am so glad you and Daddy are spending time together this week. You give him a hard time and you know you are in charge. You are definitely daddy's little girl.

Daddy taking you to his favorite pizza place (in CA of course) for lunch after lunch hour.

You are 11 months old today! You are learning so much and teaching us so much. We love watching how you get so excited about something that you sit and bounce up and down and clap non stop. You love your teddy bear. You have to sleep with him at nap time and if you get upset at night we give it to you. You get so happy when you see Teddy you hug him.....it's so cute. You are determined to have things your way and if you don't you let us know you are not happy by flapping your arms up and down and saying eeeeeh. When you are really upset you scream. I am glad you do that because you are exercising your small lungs that need to grow. You are standing and trying to take small steps but you don't get far. You have learned how to wave bye-bye, you love doing baby sign language for "book" you also love saying it. You like boys, I don't think daddy is too happy about that. Everyone that meets you has to stop to take a look at you. You are so outgoing, I think if you could talk you, would have long conversations with strangers. You are fascinated by Max the cat. He walks by and you say Kitty and giggle. We enjoy every single moment with you. We are so happy to be your mommy and daddy. You bring us joy everyday!

Thank you God for our precious gift you gave us. Nayeli is a testimonial and a blessing. Thank you for trusting in us to be her mommy and daddy.

I am so happy Daddy brought you to see me today.


Kate said...

Going back to work was very hard. I know exactly what you are going through. If I didn't go back, K wouldn't have insurance!! And well our kids need insurance! my oh my!

11 months old!! where does the time go!? I love that she gets excited when she sees her teddy bear- and the video was cute!! I love it when babies laugh!!

Tracy Meats said...

You both are awesome parents and Nayeli knows how much you love her!! I can't believe she is 11 months either...time just goes by way too fast. Nayeli is so adorable and has such a preciuos laugh. Her 1st birthday, what a celebration that will be! I dropped Ian off at Kindergarten this morning and he got out of the van, turned around and jumped back in and planted a kiss on my cheek and said that is for you mom. Thought I would share a precious moment with my miracle. Do enjoy that preciuos gift from God everyday. The joy she has brought the two of you shines through the pictures and videos. Nayeli you are a blessing to so many people!! Hugs to you!!

Happy 11 months Nayeli,
Tracy, Ian's mom

Georgina said...

GREAT photos! she is adorable! an Happy 11 months to your sweet bay girl!

- Hope it starts getting a bit easier for you when u leave for work in the mornings.. that is always hard after being home with them for so long =(

Alex, Ingrid & Alina Houchin said...

She is super cute! Love the picture of her sleeping in her highchair. Happy 11months Nayeli! Looking forward to the pics of your 1st bday!
Hugs from the UK

Daria said...

Wow, the BIG 1 year birthday is just around the corner. It's such a huge milestone. When my kids turned 1, the party was just as much for them as it was for us parents. It was like "WE MADE IT!!".