Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Moody on Monday, Happy on Wednesday

On Monday while I was at work Shane called me to tell me that Nayeli was being moody all day. She was giving daddy a hard time in eating all day. Shane had to change her from the outfit she was wearing because she deciced to wear her lunch instead of eating it. As soon as I got home from work she was so happy to see me. I feel so bad I can't hold her right away when I get home. I go straight to the shower. On Monday night Nayeli woke up at 11pm and wanted to breast feed then last night Nayeli decided to wake me up at 11pm and then 230am. I guess she misses me when I am at work she wants to cuddle and breast feed at night. I hope that this is not going to be a regular habbit. I am starting to get used to a routine on workdays. I feel a little rushed coming home but we are getting used to it. I am so happy when my parents are here. They are a big help. Nayeli loves when they are around. When it's time for bed she wants to continue playing with Grandma. I noticed that she is getting more energetic. She is crawling and cruising non stop. I hope I am able to keep up with her. I shouldn't be teaching her to climb up the stairs but she did such a great job we had to video tape it. We will have to get safety gates on the top stairs and bottom. She hasn't discovered them when she is crawling downstairs we watch her like a hawk. Here are some pics of today. Nayeli hates having her mouth cleaned after dinner. Full belly after dinner.
Start your engines!

Stair Master


brad.kellie.babyc.lucy said...

It's kinda freaky how alike she and Carter are. Carter has been really cranky all week and then Wednesday he was in a great mood. Nayeli and Carter must have known it was Carter's birthday on Wed. He also makes that same exact face when we try to clean him up after dinner!

Looks like she's into everything. I'm so glad that your parents are able to help keep Nayeli. She probably wonders why mommy takes so many showers. haha :)

Kate said...

I love it!! The stair master is adorable!! And I did JUST read that you should NOT keep them from the stairs completely! So yay you!! :)

I also just read that babies act up sometimes with parents because they know the love is unconditional... so maybe that is what she is doing with daddy. So he should feel good about it! :)

Jaime's World said...

Even cranky Nayeli is so stinking cute! (Jaime had a cranky day on Monday and better day on Wednesday, too-poor kid just couldn't breathe right!)
Such is life in CDH World!
Glad to hear that you're starting a good routine that includes both work and Nayeli!
Hang in there!

Megan Larson said...

Nayeli is amazing! And she picks out great toys! Your gift arrived today--we haven't had a chance to open the box but man, does it look cool! Nayeli, John says thank you so very much.
You are great on those stairs. You'll have to teach John!

Daria said...

That first sad picture makes me want to cry, too. Her missing you just shows how bonded she is with you - that first year was such a blessing to be able to be home with her. And, how wonderful to have daddy alone time, too. It's so important and special.