Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm almost ONE!

We decided to have Nayeli's 1st Birthday party a few weeks early. So we chose last Saturday. We were almost going to cancel the party after we started to get phone calls from alot of our friends cancelling in coming because they were sick with the flu. Shane and I are so nervous about the FLU. We are going on lockdown starting this week. We made sure all of our guests knew that they couldn't come if they had the following: felt sick, have a cough, have a sore throat, fever, have been around anyone who is sick or has these symptoms. I guess I scared alot of our friends away. We had a great time with our friends that did come. It meant so much to us that they were there sharing this special day with us. We were really happy to see our favorite ICN nurse Kim. She drove a distance to be there with us. Nayeli really enjoyed being held by Kim. Part of the decorations included purell everywhere! Thanks to Carter's mom for that idea. We also had a dedication for Nayeli the same day. We had a small little ceremony with Nayeli's godparents. It was very touching.


Jen said...

Happy almost 1st Birthday, Nayeli!! I can't believe you are going to be turning one!! Nayeli is just so adorable. Looks like everyone had fun at the party, and Shane (a.k.a Shay) looked like the proud papa as usual! Did Twinkie and Molly get any cake?? ;-)

brad.kellie.babyc.lucy said...

Carter is so happy Nayeli got cupcakes! I'm glad you had the party and Dedication and all went well. Can you believe our little ones have reached this milestone??


Aep said...

Happy early Birthday!!!! I can't believe she is one already!! Great year full of new and great accomplishments!! Glad you guys had a nice party and we know well about small party gatherings, we have gotten last minute cancellations... I think we do scare people :) but it is all for a good cause and our little ones will have plenty of birthday parties packed with people and kids as they get older.
It looks like Nayeli loved the cake, yummy!!!!
Congrats to mom and dad!!

Tracy Meats said...

Looks like a great party!! Nayeli is almost 1, how exciting for her and you. You are so right on the lockdown, this winter is not going to be any fun. I had Ian at the ER last night, first scare in 5 years. Being in Kindergarten now and picking up germs is awful for us. I hope we all with CDHers have a healthy winter.

Love Nayeli's pictures enjoying her cake!! Happy early birthday sweetie!!

Much love to you,

Timothy and Jenny said...

Happy almost 1st Birthday! You are such an amaze little girl and you are going to keep amazing. Hope you had a great day with your friends. Liz I know what you mean being afraid of this cold/flu season. We'll be praying that you all stay well and healthy. God Bless. What an amazing gift Nayeli is.

Jenna said...

We are so sorry we couldn't be there. We wanted to be so much. But we are still coughing...:o( So it was better for everyone. But we were thinking about you Miss. Nayeli!

Kate said...

Looks like so much fun!! The video of her with the cake.. LOL love it!! Happy early birthday Nayeli!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are so cute. Jason watched the video/slideshow, and wantedto watch it again. The boys had a great time, and we were glad we could see you before "lockdown".We will be missing you, and hoping for a quick cold/flu season.
Happy Birthday Nayeli !!
-The Rays

Elizabeth said...

Happy Early Birthday Nayeli! You were all about that cake! Did you share with Twinkie and Molly?


Alex, Ingrid & Alina Houchin said...

Happy 1st Birthday little princess. Looks like you had a great all the pictures! We cannot believe how quickly time has flown by. We have enjoyed watching you grow up and are looking forward to seeing you become a little lady. We'd love to meet you someday and see you running around with Alina. Enjoy this big celebration and well done to mummy and daddy; you are blessed with very special parents.
Hugs and kisses,
Alina, Alex & Ingrid