Saturday, October 17, 2009

Flu Shot X 3

We did it! On Thursday we went for our flu shot. Shane has gotten them before. It was Nayeli and my first time getting it. We decided not to give Nayeli the H1N1. It is such a new vaccine and there is not much research on it that it makes us uncomfortable. Nayeli is scheduled for her first RSV the first week of November. Her pediatrician told us she will continue to get the RSV shot until the age of 2.

Shane and I have been a little paranoid since we have noticed people at work are getting sick. We are praying we stay healthy. I carry a big gallon of antibacterial gel in my work truck and disinfect my work space. Shane does the same. If we touch something we wash or disinfect our hands with antibacterial gel. I will wear a mask and vapor rub if I need to.

My mom flew on the plane last week for the first time instead of driving. She wore her mask that the Doctor recommended and put vapor rub in her nose. We are so grateful we have my mom helping us out. We wish there was an easier way but for now this is what we have to do. Nayeli loves having Nana Victoria around. She drinks and eats great for her. She is still having Shane a hard time in eating.

We noticed since I went back to work that Nayeli is having a hard time going to sleep at night and breastdfeeding. The first week I went back to work Nayeli was refusing to take the bottle from my mom or Shane. She is now taking the bottle and this past week Nayeli is not breastfeeding at all and is taking the bottle. We are concerned since she is not taking the average 15oz to 24oz At bedtime Nayeli would immediately go to sleep at 830pm after breastfeeding or bottle feeding and after we would read her a book. Now she starts to cry a few minutes later. I go in breastfeed her and she goes to sleep. She wraps her arms around me and hugs me. I love this so I hold her a few minutes and rock her. I never want to let go. Two to three hours later she will wake up crying. I will go in soothe her but she won't stop. I will breastfeed her and change her diaper and she goes back to sleep. We used to be able to change her diaper before we would go to bed and check on her. Now it seems to wake her up. We hope that she sleeps through the night like she was or if this is her new habit then it's not such a bad one.

Molly had a birthday this past week she turned 13! We gave her a cupcake in celbrating. Twinkie was there to help. Happy Birthday Molly!
I love playing with dog bowls! Thank you Jen for my Bday present. I love it!I love Max's toy!
Thank you John for my birthday present.

We went to Baby Vincent's service today. Please keep the Serna family in your prayers.


brad.kellie.babyc.lucy said...

Carter got that fridge toy for his birthday and he LOVES it! I see what you mean by her anticipating the flash in the dog bowl photo.

It was great to talk with you tonight. Thanks for updating with photos!

Kate said...

People are ALWAYS sick at my work... and the sad thing is, they don't stay home when they are! That drives me NUTS! When I caught my cold I stayed home for 3 days! Parents send their kids to school SICK- and that certainly does not help! So I am constantly washing my hands- as I have to tie the kids shoes, button their pants after going to the bathroom, touch the materials they touched.. so germy! I wash and germ-x every second! But be careful- our doc in Syracuse said to make sure you keep your hands moisturized as if they crack, it's easier for germs to get in there!

I love the pictures!! :) She looks so big!! I have to say it's so funny that their favorite toys aren't even ones we have to buy- well you bought the dog bowls.. but you know what I mean! haha- K's favorite is the camera- go figure! :)

The Hobbs Family said...

Happy birthday Molly! Love all the pics! The mask for your mom is a good idea. I'm having my mom wear one next time she flies here as well. Glad Nayeli is doing so well!

Megan Larson said...

Nayeli is doing so well. We're debating about the H1N1 shot so it's helpful to hear what you and Carter are doing and what your docs have recommended. It's a hard decision.

You are doing such a good job keeping her healthy. She looks so adorable in her pink Moose shirt. Thanks so much for the awesome basketball hoop/baseball setup! John loves it, He likes to spin the little circle thing that has the little balls in it. Thanks for the Mickey Mouse outfit and bag, too! I hope the thank you note we mailed made it okay. Thanks so very much!

It will be so much fun when we can meet someday. I'm sure the kids will have a blast, and the parents, too! Stay sweet, Nayeli! And happy b-day to the poochies, too!

Megan Larson said...

Oh, and I almost forgot--John had been sleeping through the night but about a month ago he had a fever and then had this sore throat thing that has hung on for about a month. I've had it too. Ever since then he has needed me during the night. Except after this Friday when he had his 1 year shots. He slept through the night the last two nights! We'll see what happens.

We change his diaper when we get him in his jammies around 7:30pm, then around 8pm I nurse him, then brush his teeth with baby toothbrush (fingerbrush) and baby toothpaste, then put him in his crib and he goes to sleep until around 4 or 5am, when he has been asking for me to nurse him. Except this weekend, like I said. His diaper usually lasts just fine throughout the night. It seems to stay dryer if he sleeps better.

Well, best of luck with the new routine, and we'll see what happens! :)