Friday, January 22, 2010

15 months!

Yeli Belly is 15 months today! She sure is letting us know her dislikes. She dislikes diaper changes, being put in her carseat. When it's it's 6:45pm and her Barney or Baby sign DVD is not on she gets very moody. She will point to the TV and keep pointing until the the DVD comes on. She has two top molars that came in last week. She points to her mouth, ear, eye and belly. She added these new words to her vocabulary:
*app for apple
Her new baby signs are:
She is sleeping through the night again. Mommy and Daddy are very happy. If she wakes up it is just for a diaper change and she goes back to sleep. She is crusing and crawling. She stands up by herself for a few seconds. She is drinking 2 oz to 3 oz of whole milk with half and half a day. She is napping twice a day and falls asleep by 8:30pm. She wakes up at 8am. She eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. She is BF 5 times a day and snacks twice a day. She is wearing 18 month clothing. The 12 month clothing is too small and 18 months is too big. I don't understand why they don't make 15 month old clothing. This past week she has been trying to put her own shoes own she is so cute to watch. Her little personality is shining through.

Last weekend we went to a fundraiser at winery for the four fallen Police Officers that died on the line of duty last year. All the proceeds went to the Officer's families. We took Nayeli and she loved listening to the band while Daddy was wine tasting. Nayeli decided she wanted to be social and walk around. She would walk for a little bit and then when she got tired she would just try to sit on the floor. She was the band's number one fan because she would clap her hands when the band stopped playing. Everyone was watching her and smiling as she wouuld shake her head to the music. We are trying to take her to public places as long as it's outside or there is not a crowd.

We went to see Daddy play in a hockey tournaent on Thursday. We watched the game from the restaurant which is upstairs from the rink. Nayeli watched the game for a period then she got bored and wanted to walk around the restaurant. The place was empty and it was so much fun getting out of the house. We took Nayeli to our friend's house today for dinner. She loved exploring everything in their house. She loved their dog Bailey. It looks alot like her favorite stuffed animal. Everytime Bailey would get near her she would squeal and was so happy. Our freinds gave Nayeli this cute little toy dog. Nayeli loved it and wouldn't let it go for a while. We had a nice dinner and time with our friends. This was our first outing to one of our friends house this winter. It was great being social. We are still being extremely cautious. It was fun going out.

Nayeli with her new dog toy and being comfy in John's chair.
On a side note Molly woke up earlier this week very sore. She wasn't feeling any better so we took her to the vet and they took xrays and found she has a bulging disc on her right shoulder. She is on crate rest and on meds. We hope she is back to her spunky self soon. She wants alot of TLC so that is what I have been doing. Max is keeping Twinkie company while Molly is on crate rest. Max is doing ok for now. He is on a special diet. The Doctor said he has a heart condition and kidney issues. So he is on borrowed time. We are getting prepared. Nayeli loves him so it will be hard when the time comes. For now we let him do whatever he wants and give him lots of TLC


Kate said...

15 months!! holy cow!! She looks soo great!! I loved the pictures- my computer is being weird so I could not watch the videos but will try again tomorrow! :)

How much does she weigh??

Alex, Ingrid and Alina Houchin said...

Happy 15 months Nayeli! You are getting more beautiful by the day!
Big hugs from Alina.