Saturday, January 16, 2010


Thank you Carter for my Cute Tshirt. I love it! I love looking at it and touching the cupcake.

Nayeli loves playing with the remote. The funny thing is that the TV is always off. I have a little minie me. Nayeli loves to copy everything I do. When I brush my hair she always wants to use my hairbrush. So I told her this is mommy's brush. Where is Nayeli's brush? Go get your brush. So what does she do? She gets her brush out of her bassinet and starts brushing her hair. She is so darn cute!

When I am cooking in the kitchen I try to have Nayeli on her highchair or her pak n play so I don't have an accident. The dogs are always in there too. When I begin to prepare something that is not hot or danger to her. I have her in the kitchen. She is so helpful. She starts to hand me every tupperware container. She is so happy when she thinks she is helping. All I can say is Thank You and stack it up on the counter.

Shane and I use the inside of our jacket when we are grabbing door handles so we don't touch it. Nayeli tried doing the same when she was trying to grab her toy magnet on the fridge. She also uses her toes to turn the DVD on or off because that is what I do.

Everytime she wakes up from her nap she wants to play with her stuffed animals. She especially likes the Racoon. She hugs it, pokes it's eyes and wrestles with it.
On Thursday my guest speaker for Kiwanis told me she had to cancel because she has the flu. I stepped up to the plate. I spoke about CDH. It was emotional and I thought I could do it wihout crying but I was only fooling myself. I shared some tears with the group. They were great in asking questions and listening. Yesterday Nayeli received her #3 RSV shot along with her #2 H1N1. When we got off the elevator I held her hands and she took a few steps. She was so happy! My mom has been practicing with her and she loves it. When she gets tired she sits on the floor. Before her shots she was smiling at everyone walking by and saying Hi. Then her nurse Ann came out and Nayeli started to cry. She would give Ann dirty looks. Never seen Nayeli do that until now. She weighs 20 lbs. 8oz. We celebrated by having a nice take out dinner at home. Earlier during the week we took Twinkie and Molly for their geriatric vet check up. Twinkie weighs 19 lbs. 5oz. So this is big deal in our house that Nayeli finally passed Twinkie in weight. The high calorie diet is working. It has also caused for me to gain 10 lbs. Yikes! I need to stop eating what she eats. We are so thrilled about Nayeli drinking 100cc of whole milk/half & half yesterday. What a great day!She continues to surprise me with her baby signing. I was walking her earlier this week and when she saw a car she did the baby sign and said it too. She loves to watch her baby signs DVD. I also teach her baby signs from picture books. I usually think she is ignoring me and isn't looking at me but she is. Her favorite baby sign right now is Moon. When we are sitting in the kitchen and she sees the reflection of the light on the window she will say Moon and do the baby sign over and over again.

The funny thing she did today was Shane was calling out for Nayeli to come to him and she actually sounded like she said "what". It made us laugh.

The not so funny thing is she is having temper tantrums between 6-7pm every night. They usually don't last very long. Shane and I just joke about it and say the Witching hour is back with a vengance. We try ask her what she wants. Usually she will start kicking and if we pick her up she starts head butting backwards and has hit me really hard on the lip and chin. I have heard stories of babies giving their parents black eyes by doing this. I believe it! I hope this phase passes. If you have any suggestions please feel free to send them our way.

Baby Samara is doing well. She had her repair surgery earlier this week. Beverly her mom has been by her bedside the entire time. Samara's daddy Gabe has been traveling back and forth from Fresno to take care of their other children. The good news is that Beverly finally got to hold Samara on Thursday. We are praying that Samara recovers quickly and is able to home soon.

The Nayeli Faith Foundation was there to help this family with gas cards and cards for food.


FaithCDH said...

Aww Nayeli makes me smile soo much! She is just so beautiful. I am so glad that you were able to step up to the plate and share your CDH journey.

Nayeli wants to be just like cute! I can't wait till Abby gets like that...well I can because they already grow up so fast don't they!

I love reading your updates keep posting!

Kate said...

She looks amazing! :) I think it is so funny that she copies you!! I can't wait till we reach the 20lb mark! We have been stuck in the 17lb area for a LONG time! Glad all is well- and she is sooo adorable! :)

brad.kellie.babyc.lucy said...

She just gets cuter and cuter. She's looking so much like a little lady now and less like a baby.

Yay for you sharing your story about CDH.

I'm glad she likes the shirt. She is a cute little cupcake :)