Saturday, January 9, 2010

I am ready for a Milkshake!

Our cupboard is full of all kinds of sippy cups. We have been trying all kinds of sippy cups to get Nayeli to start drinking whole milk. We started to put half and half in it after reading a high calorie recipe. She surprised us one day when she drank 2oz. of whole milk with half and half out of her sippy cup. That was two weeks ago and she hasn't drank any since. She drinks juice diluted with water out of her sippy cup and says toot when she is thirsty. I bought some cups with straws. She saw the cup and loved it. She immediately drank out of it and didn't put it down, she loves it! I don't know why I didn't try it sooner. She drank her entire 3oz of whole milk mixed with half and half. It looks like it's easier for her to drink out of than a sippy cup. I am going to try to make her a high calorie milkshake and put it in her new straw cup. Hope she likes it. She is still drinking out of a bottle on her morning and afternoon feeds when I am not home. She is still going strong on BF and I am in no hurry to stop her from doing it. I want her to remain a baby as long as possible.
She learned how to baby sign toothbrush tonight while we were watching her baby sign DVD. She amazes me on how fast she learns the baby signs.Cindy, Claire's mommy made this cute shirt. She does wonderful work. If you are looking for the cutest gifts contact her.
No more pictures! I always pictured this while I was pregnant with Nayeli. It's funny how they all want to sit next to me all the time. Everywhere I go they follow me and want my attention. Nayeli enjoys playing in her toy box. She stood up for two seconds for me to take this picture. Here is another shirt Cindy made for Nayeli. We love it!

On a side note please pray for our friends CDH baby Samara who is at UCSF waiting to have surgery. She has reherniated for the third time and is scheduled to have surgery on Monday. Pleas pray that she gets stronger and is able to keep some nutrients down for her to get strength for her surgery. I spoke with Samara's mommy Beverly tonight and it breaks my heart that she has to go through this and that she might have to spend her 1st Birthday in the hospital.

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Aep said...

So cute!!! She is growing up so fast! We tried several sippy cups with Marco as well, it took a while until we found one and there was one he liked to drink milk and water from...but the straw ones were the best for him... good luck! And hope you guys are having a good winter! Hugs!!