Thursday, April 1, 2010


Nayeli started walking on her own Friday, March 26th. Before she started to walk on her own she would hold our hand and would pull us to walk with her where she wanted to go. If we stopped walking with her she would get upset. It is so wonderful to see her at this milestone. When she started to walk by herself she made the cutest sounds and looked so proud of herself. She was so cautious and would balance herself when she would fall. We are so proud of our little Yeli Belly.
She has been picking up lots of words. She was eating cereal for breakfast the other morning and she said cereal out of nowhere. When she wants an orange she will say anja, naranja means orange in spanish. The cutest thing we love to hear her say is hockey. Shane will say what's your favorite sport and she says "hockey". We have it on video. She will also say squeak for a mouse sound and Moo for a cow.

She is breastfeeding 3 to 4 times a day and doesn't show any signs of stopping. I will continue to go as long as she wants. I love the bonding we have. Shane says she is always asking for me when I am at work. It's hard not to pick her up as soon as I come in the door. We have a rule to take a shower before handling her so it makes it difficult when I can't hold her. I think the fastest shower I have taken is in 3 minutes including washing my hair.

We have stopped giving her Reglan. So far it's been a five days and it's going well. We slowly started weaning her off. We are hoping she continues to do well without. She is still taking Rinitidine twice a day. We are hoping that with her weight gain and not needing Reglan anymore that this is a good sign for her not to have surgery for her hital hernia. I look back at her pictures from last year which we still need to develop. I just can't believe how much she has grown. Our little sunshine is growing so fast. I tear up just thinking about how blessed we are. Feeding the Alligator Nayeli playing with her Golf Clubs. We looked for a hockey set but this is the closest thing we found. Easter Egg Hunt in our backyard. Nayeli at our Dachshund meetup.


Jen said...

Yay!!!! OH I LOVE to see her walking!!! Cute pics and love the video. Hockey has never sounded so cute! ;-)

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Go Nayeli!!!!! :) She is adorable!

Amy said...

Congratulations! Nayeli you are such a big girl!!

Timothy and Jenny said...

What a big girl, she is growing up so fast and she is sooo cute! Go Nayeli Go!

Kate said...

loved the video of her walking- she looks to enjoy it!! haha!!

Love all the pics- Hope all is well!!

Daria said...

Yea for Nayeli! Next up...running. You life totally changes - look out! :-)

Irvin family said...

We love watching Nayeli! her story and accomplishments are so much like our Oakley, she continues to be such an inspiration to us. This morning I pulled up Nayeli walking and Oakley watched and laughed at her. She really loved the music with the video. Thanks for always sharing Nayeli with us!!
Happy Easter! love Sheree (Oakley's mommy)