Friday, September 3, 2010


It's taken me a week to try to finish this blog. I will sit down and start before Nayeli wakes up then I have to put it off until she is napping or asleep again. She is such an active little 22 month old. I love spending every momment with her. I find myself sometimes just staring at her while she is playing or looking at her book. We cherish every momment with her. We thank God for our blessings.

On August 20th we went in for our first ultrasound. I was nervous as the day approached. I am sure that will continue each time I have an appt. We took Nayeli with us. She was great the entire time. She looked at the screen and pointed to it. The NP said she would be checking for a heartbeat. We immediately saw one and it was a sigh of relief. I am holding my breath until NT ultrasound and Level 2 ultrasound are done. I asked NP if she could see my fibroid. I have a small one the size of a pinkie nail and it grew while I was pregnant with Nayeli so I was just curious if it was growing. She looked, started to smile, and said "oh wait you another heartbeat." The NP said you are having twins! I was laughing, she was serious. Shane and I were in shock. I am so excited! I now have to double worry. I have been praying everday for the twins. I worry about so many things. I drank chamomille tea thinking it was good for me later to find out it can cause miscarriage. I think I am going to stop reading the internet. I called the Doctors office. The nice NP we had on the 20th called me back and said to stop drinking any herbal tea. Herbal tea is like a drug and can cause problems. So I drank a total of 6 cups. I am freaking out! They won't see me until NT ultrasound on the 20th. Meanwhile I am wondering how the twins are doing til then.
My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken. (Psalm 62:1-2)

I was put on short term disability at work because they don't have light desk duty for me. I was upset at first but realize what a blessing it is. I get to spend all this time with Nayeli and we are loving it. I also know God always has a plan and he knew I was having twins and knew I am at a high risk prenancy so took me off right away.

We decided to take a road trip to LA. This time we decided to go along the Pacific Coast Highway. It takes a little longer but the drive was worth it. Nayeli was so cooperative. We had Barney playing on a DVD the entire time so that helped. Thanks BARNEY! Our first stop was Big Sur. We ate dinner at River Inn. The patio had the best view of the river. It was such a nice place. The river was so calm and they had lounge chairs in the river so you can soak your feet while you relax. Nayeli loved playing with the rocks. We saw two whales and it was an incredible view. We finally made it to our destination, Cayucos. It was already night and couldn't really see the town. Nayeli fell right asleep, she was tired. I followed right after. Twinkie slept with us and Molly slept in her crate. We brought along a fan and used it as white noise. Nayeli slept right through my coughing. I had this annoying cough the entire trip. Shane and Nayeli were fine so I think I got it from stress. We packed up the car and we were on the road again. We stopped at Santa Barbara. I saw this taco place. It was the best tacos I have ever had. We notice Nayeli was getting tired. We thought she would fall asleep for the reamining of the drive. She only slept for 45 minutes. We were glad she did since the day befoe she didn't. When we arrived in LA the heat was on. It was hot! I was happy at first but then realized it was going to be in the 100's for the next 4 to 5 days. I guess my wishing for a warm summer finally came true.

Nayeli slept in a room separted from us. This was the first time we did this. We are glad we did. She slept longer and seened happy about her having her own room. We went to the beach, walked around Santa Monica, went shopping, and met with a few friends. I was really happy to be spending most of my time with my parents. It's always great to be with them. My mom spoiled us rotten almost every morning. She made huevos rancheros, chilaquiles and chorizo. She knows exactly what I need. The day before we were leaving the weather cooled off. We drove back home on Saturday morning and stayed at our favorite place in Cayucos again. This time they gave us a suite for the same price. It was great because we were able to put Nayeli to bed and Shane and I were able to stay up. We got dessert from accross the street and it was yummy!

Our little girl is growing up so fast. She is now saying
*tak you(thank you)
*hold it
*take it
She knows how to make the following animals sounds: horse, pig, elephant, lion, kitty, dog, bear, rooster and dolphin. We have a video of her doing this from the previous post. She loves music and dances when she hears her music CD which has all kid music. I have enrolled her in Kindermusik for the fall. I trust this class because the instructor knows of how we are and she also is very clean and disenfects everything. We are also brave enough to enroll her in gymnastics and wee hoop again for a month from September thru October. I am hoping it will be ok since it's right before cold/flu season. It's going to be hard to keep her under winter lockdown this year so we are going to try in getting her out more but being cautious. I think we will all go stir crazy if we don't.

I told her we are having a baby a few weeks ago. She amazes me because she has a great memory. I haven't said anything since then and she will say baby and hold my belly and say "Open" then she will kiss it. She just recently started to double kiss my belly. Then sometimes I laugh because she will say "baby" and start smacking my belly. Funny girl!

She is starting to voice her opinion if she is not happy. I stopped breastfeeding her in the morning two weeks ago. I am only doing it for nap time and at night. I will be dropping the nap time one soon. She is still asking for it in the morning and gets a little upset with me when I don't comply. It really hurts to do this to her but I am trying to do what is right while I am pregnant with the twins. I was told that I can start having contractions and that I should stop BF soon. I was hoping to go until she is 2 years old.

We are planning her 2 year birthday party. I still can't believe it. She is growing in a blink of an eye. I am just so happy that I get to spend all this time with her.

The Nayeli Faith Foundation is having it's first Bingo fundraiser on October 1st. We are excited and have alot of planning left to do since it's only a couple of weeks away. We hope it will be a great turnout and a fun event for everyone. Go to the "Nayeli Faith Foundation" website for more details on this event.

Shane is also doing great (minus some ankle issues) with his NYC Marathon training, which he is running to raise money for UCSF's CDH research program. He has run around 140 "training" miles so far in about 5 weeks time and plans to at least double that amount by race day. For more details or to donate to Shane's efforts, please go to the Nayeli Faith Foundation website. Thank You.
A few weeks ago we took Nayeli to a wildlife rehablitation center. She met Ashley who is a oppossum I rescued in October 2010' from a garage that burned down. She is blind and lives there since she will not be able to return to the wild. So happy to see she is doing well.


Jonathan and Sarah said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Twins!!!! God knows what you can handle! ;) Can't wait to read all about them!!! HUGS FROM FLORIDA!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the twins! I have boy/girl twins (over 20 years ago). I made sure I stayed emotioanlly calm during the pregancy and tried to avoid the scary information that one could read.

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness!!!! How fun! Well, if you need any twin advice, I'm right here. You can email me any time! I have so many questions for you! LOL. I'm just tickled pink that God has given these two gifts to you! What a treasure! God has you in His hands!!

Email me any time.


Megan Larson said...

We are so happy for you and Shane! We will be praying for a healthy pregnancy for your twins. You guys deserve a worry-free pregnancy. Easier said than done, and I know from personal experience. You will be in our prayers!

Vicki Jensen said...

Twins! So exciting. I'll keep you in my prayers for a happy and healthy pregnancy. Something must be in the water between you, Jen and Cindy!