Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Babies Open"

We are sad summer is over especially since we didn't have alot hot summer days. I guess today we got lucky and had a warm day. Looking back we had a great summer. We went to LA twice, Lake Tahoe, Colorado and Disneyland. Nayeli likes to travel. During the summer I had her enrolled in wee hoop a basketball class, gymnastics, swimming and kindermusik. She loved it all. For the fall I signed her up for Gymnastics, Kindermusik and the new sport Soccer. She thinks it's basketball and says "basetball". She loves all of her classes. Gymnastics and Soccer end at the end of October and Kindermusik goes through December. I can't believe we are actually going to take her into a room full of children during the cold/flu season. The instructor is really good about disinfecting everything and knows about Nayeli so I am not too worried. Nayeli was turned down for her RSV shot this season so she will only get her flu shot. A few weeks ago she kept coughing everytime she would take a nap or go to bed at night. She almost gagged a few times. It was scary to hear her when she would wake up cough and gag and then cry. She would immeidately fall asleep. When I spoke with the nurse at her Doctors office she said it was nasal drip and she was right. She had no fever and had a runny nose during the day. It lasted for 3-4 days. She showed us how her body can fight something. So we hope to make it through this cold/flu season.Nayeli was so happy to see Barney Live at the Kids Expo

I am enjoying my time at home with Nayeli. We have so much fun. Every morning when she wakes up she says "wake up" or will yell "hey". She is full of energy and sometimes doesn't want to take a nap and will fight it until she is in her bed. Then she is out within 5 minutes. She loves playing with her toys by herself alot more. She will come and grab my hand and say "sit" if she wants me to play with her. If I leave she gets really unhappy. So I basically leave everything that needs to be done until her nap time. She will call Twinkie "TOOTIE" and loves Molly and says her name right. She is glued to Barney when we put the DVD in. She likes Mickey Mouse in the morning for 30 minutes. and Barney and Yo Gabba Gabba at night for 45 minutes. She is fascinated with stickers she puts them all over her body, on me, teddy or anything she can stick them on. She loves going to the park. It's funny to watch her because she just stops and stares at the big kids and wants to participate with their games. When it's time to leave she will say "bye guys" I don't know where she got that from. It's very cute! She says hi to everyone including people that ignore her. She keeps saying hi until they respond. It's funny because I do the same thing.

One funny thing she did while we were driving in the car is she said "come on peoples lets go". I guess she is picking up on our vocabulary. She is such a fast learner. She will repeat everything you tell her. I have been trying to speak to her in spanish alot more. I think she understands. She loves her wooden puzzles and gets frustrated when she can't get it right. I am always right there telling her it's ok I will help you. My favorite thing I love is when she hears music and grabs my hand and wants to dance. She has this big grin on her face when you twirl her around. It makes me so happy to see her this way. She cracks me up when she grabs my belly and says "babies open". She wants everything opened so I guess my belly is included in this. She gives us so much laughter and happiness. We are grateful for her to be in our lives. I can't wait to see what she will do and teach the twins.

I went for my NT ultrasound earlier this week. I was a nervous wreck before going. I had sleepless nights. We prayed everyday and kept faith in God. The appt went well and we were so happy. My mom came up from LA to watch Nayeli while we went to the appt. I was so glad she was here. On my way to pick her up I was alone in the car and I just bursted out crying. I had to release my emotions. I am thankful for the appt going well and I pray the Level 2 appt goes the same way. They weren't for sure on what the sex of baby A is possibly a girl but the sonographer said baby B is a boy and she said she is 90% on this. Please keep us in your prayers.

* This note is for Sarah, Noah's mommy. Will you please email me thank you.


Amber said...

Nayeli is getting so big. Owain started soccer tots recently he loves.

I will be keeping baby A&B in my prayers. Praying for 2 healthy babies and oh boy boys are so much fun.

thank for the update!


Kate said...

Nayeli takes a great picture!! :) She is adorable!! :)

And yay for a twin boy!! Nayeli is going to have a baby brother and quite possibly a baby sister, how exciting!!

I know exactly how you felt for your first ultrasound- the gender one was quite nerve wrecking as that is when I found out K had CDH!! I'm so glad all is going well!!

Megan Larson said...

Oh, sooo cool that you are having at least one boy for sure. What a blessing your twins are!! Boys are super fun. And we get to go SHOPPING for you!! Yeah!

I'm sorry you broke down in the car. I have been there and you just have to allow yourself to do that. I started chilling out after our 28 week appointment.

I'll keep you guys in my prayers, as always. Thanks for the great news!

Stephanie said...

Praying hard for both babies. I'm glad Nayeli is enjoying all of her classes. What fun!!! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.