Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nayeli Faith is 2

Nayeli turned 2 on the 22nd. We had her birthday party the week before. We are so glad we did because it rained this entire weekend. She had so much fun playing with her guests and meeting Strawberry shortcake. Her favorite was getting her face painted. When it was time for her nap she was out within a minute. We are so glad we got to see our friends we hadn't seen in a while it was a very special day. For her actual birthday we had a photo shoot with our photographer and took her to dinner to her favorite place Red Robin. They sang happy birthday to her and she ate a sundae.

Opening presents after her nap the day of her birthday party.Opening presents the morning of the 22nd.She made a table and chair out of her boxes that her presents were in. I guess I know what to get her next. Video of dinner at Red Robin

She is talking non stop. It's great that she is able to express what she wants and feels. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what she is trying to say but we tune in and after the third time she says something I understand. It's almost like a different language. I can see it in her face that she is so happy when I get it. She stopped breastfeeding at the end of Septemeber. She started by refusing BF during nap time then shortly it was bedtime. I was sad for a few days. I prepared myself ahead of time and new that day would come. I don't blame her since I was dry and nothing was coming out. She is very happy with getting milk in a sippy cup before nap and bedtime. It's great that she stopped and now I feel like I have a little more freedom for a short while before the twins get here.

My parents came up at the beggining of the month. We held our first bingo fundraiser for the foundation and it was a successful event. We showed the guests a video of our story and educated them about CDH. Nayeli would yell her name when she would see herself it was so cute. Nayeli left with my parents and it was nice knowing I didn't have to go home and BF. The following week we made plans to go out with some of our good friends. It was great getting a babysitter and not having to BF and put her to bed. I really had a hard time leaving her before but it's easier now that I am not BF. I had a Dr. appt on the 22nd. It went well. I had been nervous up to that day because of what someone said to me two weeks before that. I am sure they never meant to hurt my feelings but it sure bothered me until my appt. The Doctor told me again that it looks like baby A is a girl and baby B is a boy. We saw them and they are so active and look great. My Level 2 ultrasound is next Friday so I am sure I will be nervous and anxious as it gets closer. I am praying for a good appt.
Our cat Max always likes to keep us on our toes. A week ago he woke up and looked disoriented. He was bumping into things and was walking all over Twinkie and Molly and couldn't see them. We took him in after a $700 bill it turns out he has high blood pressure which caused his retina detachment. They gave him medication and he is alot better. We don't know how much of his eyesight he got back but he is looking out the windows again. He now has a heart problem, kidney problem and high blood pressure. You would never know there was anything wrong with him. He is one strong cat. His vet bill adds on to our bills that we can not afford but are struggling to get by since the Dr. took me off of work and my short term disability got turned down. I am appealing it so I am praying it will get approved. God always takes care of us and we are healthy which all that matters to us.

We went to UCSF ICN reunion yesterday. It was great seeing all the Doctors and nurses that helped Nayeli during her battle with CDH. We got so many ideas and input from them for our foundation. We hope to be able to accomplish all of it for them. Here are some pictures.


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Nayeli!!!! You are a treasure!

The Studdards

Kate said...

Nayeli is soo adorable!! She is going to be so excited to have the babies around!! :)

I hope your cat is ok! And I hope that your appeal works!! They can't take you off work and then not give you something in return.. jeez! You have a child and twins on the way- grr I really hope the appeal works! I feel for ya!!

Megan Larson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAYELI!!! I need to go shopping for her and get her a belated gift. Any particular needs? Email me!

She is so great! I loved how she didn't really notice that the people singing were for her, just looked around like, What are they doing? And then they were gone, LOL. I think that's how it is when you turn 92, also. :) Where am I? Who were those people? Oh look, a sundae! LOL