Friday, October 29, 2010

2 year photos

We had our 2 year photos taken a week ago. I decided to make a video since there was so many to post.

I had my level 2 ultrasound today. I was so nervous about it I lost some sleep. Yesterday Nayeli distracted me by having her terrible twos meltdown. I think it was her way of helping me keep distracted on not think too much about today. It worked!
The sonographer took over 2 hours to examine the twins. I kept asking him questions but he said he is not allowed to share any information with us. I kept trying. When it was over I tried again and he said he didn't see anything wrong. The Dr. came in and said everything looks fine but she needs to check a few things. She took over an hour and concluded the twins look great and there is no CDH. I had tears of happiness. Thank you GOD! I am so glad to hear those words. We are continuing to pray that my pregnancy remains healthy.

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Stephanie said...

Oh, praise God that your twins are healthy and developing well. I have been thinking so much about you. I'm so thankful!!! I can't believe Nayeli is 2!!!!!!!!!!!!