Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2 year checkup and more!

I realized that I never posted Nayeli's 2 year check up that she had in late October. The check up went well she weighs 25.6 lbs and is 36 inches long. They had to measure her twice to be sure. She had her flu shot and didn't even cry. She is tough! Here she is giving her Dr. a stare like "what are you going to do with that?" She was so happy when she received a book from the DoctorThree little monkeys! My parents came to visit at the beggining of the month while Shane was in NY running the marathon for CDH research for UCSF. He raised over 3k. I am so proud of him for doing what he did. He now is addicted to marathons and is running his next in January. My parents were awesome! They cleaned the house, cooked dinners for me and spoiled me rotten. The greatest thing was Nayeli loved spending every minute with Granma and Granpa. Here is my mom and Nayeli having a tea party. Nayeli is so cute she told my mom to sit down and then tried pushing her chair in.On the steam trains! My mom knitted this beautiful sweater for Nayeli. She loves it and wanted her hood on the entire time. She looks adorable!Nayeli giving Grandpa a kiss and a hug. Our little girl is so amazing she is talking, singing and dancing non stop. Her vocabulary has expanded so much it's hard to keep up with her new words. She calls a purse a pocket. She is always requesting Gabba and Barney. When something is on the way she will say "its coming". She loves looking out the window at the Garbage truck. She dances to anything that has a beat. She has empathy towards animals or her stuffed ones. When Twinkie and Molly decide to get her Teddy or doggie stuffed toys she gets upset and takes them away and immediately gives them a hug. She is putting sentences together more each day. She will say "Here it is", "a hold you" "go kings" "I bring it" "I got it" "Tutti (twinkie) get squirrel". She has a great memmory. If we are driving past a landmark she knows such as the Doctors office or the place she had her basketball classes during the summer she will call it out "Doctors" "Basketball". She tries to sing "Twinkle little star and ABC she makes up words if she doesn't know the rest of it. I will try to get it on video. She is funny when we film her. Sometimes she hates it and other times she doesn't care.

Her bottom back molars started coming in at the beggining of the month. She would chew on her sleeves or her fingers. She had a slight fever twice. It also caused her to wake up a few times a night. We gave her tylenol a few times at night to relieve the discomfort. We also noticed she was very clingy and moody. She is back to her normal self.

Fingerpainting on a rainy day She got a cough for the first time last Friday. She got over it fast. The first two nights she gagged and puked. We elevated her mattress, gave her honey, lots of fluids and got a humidifier for her room. Her cough was gone by Monday. We are so glad it didn't last and it wasn't serious. She has gotten back in the habbit of being rocked before bedtime. Our routine for bedtime is reading a book everynight and she drinks milk in her sippy cup. As soon as I put her in her crib she will say "hold you" and is standing up with her arms reaching out to me. If I am standing and holding her she will say "sit down". I am a sucker because I can't say NO. I don't rock her for a very long time just for a few minutes. Then I put her back in her crib give her a kiss and walk out. She falls asleep right away. She has only done this to Shane once. She also prefers I put her down for her nap or bedtime. She will sometimes cry when Shane takes her. I thought we were passed this phase. I guess its a mommy thing. I love this momment with her because I know it won't be for very long she will soon phase it out.

My belly is geting big! It's sometimes hard to hold Nayeli on my lap. She will say back and wants me to sit back. I am but she thinks I am not. My belly sometimes bumps Nayeli's head because she will be standing right next to me. I am starting to have a hard time sleeping because my back and hips get sore from laying on my side. I don't remember being this sore with Nayeli. I am feeling more movement and it's great feeling it! Nayeli kisses my belly and will say "hi babies" she still wants me to open my belly so she can see them. We take her to the Dr. appts and she loves seeing the babies on the U/S. I bought a few books to help her understand about being a big sister and bringing a baby home in our case babies. I also bought a book about juggling twins. We are sure it will be a challenge we are ready and excited.

I had a great time having dinner with a friend. We had to compare bellies. She is 33 weeks here and I am... well I look huge! Nayeli is kissing my belly We went to see Yo Gabba Gabba live. Nayeli loved the show. She hardly sat down and stood up danced the entire show. She was so excited she kept telling the people sitting in front of us Gabba, Gabba! It was great seeing her face light up when she was watching the show. After the show was over she said "see Barney"
We had a nice Thanksgiving. Shane had to work that evening so we ate before he went to work. I was thankful I didn't have to cook. We are thankful everyday for Nayeli. We are thankful that God has chosen us to be parents of twins. We are excited and so happy! Yesterday we took Nayeli in to have her hearing tested. The Doctor told us that she would have to have her ear wax build up removed before the test. She said it was alot of wax in the back of her ear that it would cause for a bad test. We had a Doctor see us right away. He told us if she cant hold her head still he would have to probably surgically remove it by anesthesia. I quicky got my cell phone and tried putting Barney or Gabba on. No service! So I tried the next thing. I put videos on I have saved on the phone. It worked she didn't move her head at all. The Doctor took out the ugliest piece of wax from her ear. It was the size of a finger nail. We were shocked! Off we went back to get her hearing tested. Nayeli did great and passed all of the tests with flying colors. She doesn't have to go back for another year. As a disclaimer we clean her ears regularly. The ear wax was build up so far back in her ear that it would probably would have never come out on it's own. We hope this doesn't happen again.

We are going to try to start potting training in two weeks. I have been reading and getting helpful hints on what to do. I am torn between using Pullups during the day or just having her wear underwear and cleaning up the mess each time. During the night it would be a nighttime pullups. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them. Thank you!


Cindy said...

You look so cute with your belly!

I potty trained Claire around age 2. I gave her lots to drink and put underwear on her during the day. I set a wind-up timer for 40 minutes and whenever it rang I said "time to go potty" and took her. If she went I gave her an M&M or gummy treat, and if not I said "that's okay, we'll try again later" and reset the timer for 20 minutes. This reminded me to take her, gave her lots of practice, and cut way down on the accidents since she was emptying her bladder frequently. Eventually we set the timer for longer periods of time, and then she just started going to the potty on her own when she needed to or telling me and we ditched the timer.

I keep a little potty chair in the back of my SUV for roadside emergencies or when we are at a park or somewhere with no restroom.

She still wears a pull-up at night and is 3.5. I'm not too worried about night time yet, it will happen when she's ready.

Aep said...

Great update!! Love all the pictures, you look beautiful!!
BTW, Marco gets lots of ear wax build up (in one ear) and has had it removed 3 times. They have no idea why it happens and why it is always on the same one, all I was told is some people just can't flush it out as easier than others and for kids it is harder since things are smaller and narrower. I am amazed at what they pull from his ear :)
Good luck with potty training. It took us 3 tries with Marco (but being a boy, I heard it is harder) but once we did it at 3 he did great and no accidents. I used the same techniques as Cindy mentioned. Pull ups never worked for Marco, he never minded or thought there was a difference, they need to really wet those things to feel uncomfortable. Underwear was best and we made a big deal of them, we went out together to buy them, he chose his favorites, etc.. Now at 3.5 he only wears pull ups at night, naptime he is in underwear, he is usually dry in the mornings as he asks to go in the middle of the night, but the nights he doesn't wake up he is a little wet, so not ready to take it out completely :)
Just know it is on their time, have lots of patience, have lots of extra clothes for accidents, lots of praise, dancing, treat, stickers, whatever works for her.
Good luck! :)

Stephanie said...

Oh, your belly brings back fond memories of being prego with my twins. Love your updates.


Irvin family said...

Nayeli is getting so big. I can't believe she is already 2. Congratulations on the twins. I am so happy for you. Nayeli will love being a big sister. Merry Christmas. Love The Irvin's