Thursday, September 25, 2008

NST Today Good News!

I went for my NST today and my fluid went down to 40. Nayeli decided to move again. This time she is the way we would like her to stay. Her head is facing down and her feet are up near my chest. I saw Nayeli taking practice breaths. I made sure Nayeli was awake for the NST by having a blow pop. Kathy didn't think it would work the entire 30 minutes, it did! My little girl showed off! I only had one contraction while I was being monitored. That made me really happy! Thank you so much for the prayers. We are going to UCSF tommorow for our all day appt. We will keep you posted.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh Miss Naylei - stay where you are or if you move - move back...glad all went well. You all are in my thoughts, prayers and LUNG FUNCTION chants,