Friday, September 26, 2008


We went to UCSF today. We had an ultraound at 9am, and then a fetal echocardiogram at 11am. We ate lunch on the UCSF campus on a terrace over looking the Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge. We enjoyed the scenery and were hoping that we would hear good news from Dr. Rand. We met with Dr. Rand around 1pm. Shane said Dr. Rand would not be there on time I said he would be there on time (Dr. Rand was right on time and this impressed Shane). He went over the ultrasound and echocardiogram with us. Dr. Rand said Nayeli is faced down and her feet are up near my chest. He said that could change. If she decided to move before the induction date they would try to move her. The echocardiogram showed Nayeli to have a stong heart. Dr. Rand said the left artery going to the heart is small which is common with LCDH and the right artery going to the heart is smaller than normal due to heart being pushed over due to LCDH. This can cause pulmonary hypertension. Dr. Rand told Nayeli's LHR is between 2.3 and 2.7. We were happy to hear this but at the same time know we have to keep in mind that the LHR doesn't matter until she is born. Dr. Rand told us that Nayeli's stomach, intestines, and a sliver of her liver are up in her chest. Dr. Rand is concerned about my higher than normal level of amniotic fluid and doesn't want me to go into pre-term labor. He plans to induce me on October 19th and told me If all goes as planned, Nayeli will be born on Monday, October 20th. I started to cry because the news was just so overwhelming and it is only three short weeks away. We asked Dr. Rand a bunch of questions and he answered them all without rushing us at all. We really like him and Shane asked him if there was any way he could deliver our daughter (knowing he has a very busy schedule). He told us to ask the attending physician to page him when the time comes and he would be more than happy to deliver our daughter if he was available.

I called my mom and told her about the induction date. She told me that she would fly up with my dad from L.A and be there days before Nayeli comes into our world! I told her she should get ready to come soon because Dr. Rand thinks Nayeli might come before the 19th!


Sonya said...

I am praying for a safe delivery! And that you don't go too early! I can't wait to meet Nayeli!
I just know she is going to be a miracle!

Owain's mommy said...

How exciting. Try and get has much rest before Nayeli makes her grand entrance. The three of you are in my thoughts and prayers.


P.S Nayeli be in no hurry wait until the 20 of October!

Tracy Meats said...

Hi Liz and Shane--I am keeping baby Nayeli in our prayers as you are getting close to meeting your precious little girl. Praying for strength for your little girl and prayers Liz that you have an easy labor and delivery. Stay strong and believe in miracles. Nayeli is such a beautiful name!

Tracy Meats - WY & CO State Rep. for Cherubs and mom to Ian born with a LCDH 4/3/04