Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3rd time in Labor and Delivery!

Nayeli went to one of her friends TuTu Birthday party a few weeks ago. She had so much fun being around other kids and eating pizza! We think it's great when she tells us she wants to see kids. She will just come and tell us out of the blue when she is playing. We recently went to our friends house for dinner and as we were leaving we were giving each other hugs and kisses. Nayeli gave our friends seven year old a hug and he was great about it. When it came time to give their 5 year old a hug he ran away. Nayeli ran after him saying "Come back" and chased him. We laughed so hard. She was determined not to leave until she got her hug. She finally got her hug from him. We all couldn't stop laughing.

We took Nayeli to the petting farm and she loves watching but is still scared in feeding the cows. It was a nice day to hang out and have a picnic afterwards. I love these momments.

The last couple of nights have been challenging because she is not cooperating with me when it's time to go to do her bedtime routine. I can't carry her up the stairs so I just let her have her temper tantrum for a moment and let her calm down. Well sometimes that takes 30 minutes. I just sit there and watch her. Usually asking her for a hug works in calming her down sometimes it doesn't. I have no idea why she is behaving this way. It reminds me of the witching hour when she was a baby. I feel sad sometimes because I feel like I am not doing alot of hands on with her. I miss carrying her I think she does too. Shane helps me when he is here since I can't bend over as much or pick her up anymore. It's hard when he is not here to help me and I have to do it by myself. The only way to make up for the attention I used to give her is to sit and play with her but usually she doesn't like to sit for too long. I noticed she can sit and play with her dolls for a while so I usually take those out and we have fun. It's great watching her interact with her dolls and how she takes thinks so seriously. She will give her dolls baths, put pretend lotion on or put pretend shampoo on. She is going to be a great little helper.

I ended up in Labor and Delivery again. This is the third time and I hope it's the last time until I deliver. I was spotting blood on Sunday early morning the Jan 30th. I called the Prenatal Hotline and they told me to come in since I am pregnant with Twins. We called two of our friends that usually watch Nayeli but they weren't answering. We had no choice but to take Nayeli with us. I am glad they had a private room for us. They monitored the babies for a few hours and me to see if I was having contractions. No contractions. They did an u/s and other not so pleasant exams. Everything checked out fine. They released me and I went home. These babies are keeping us on our toes. We are so glad everything is going well and we thank God for it everyday.
Here are some belly pics of me. I feel great! I just wish I could walk more and do more but they have me on limitaions. I am just glad I am not on bedrest.

We had our Coed baby shower last Saturday. It was great having all of our friends get together in one place. We had a fun seeing and visiting with everyone. We are so blessed to have such special friends in our lives. We realized we didn't take pictures of everyone which makes us sad. It just reminded us how fast time goes by when we are having so much fun!


Daria said...

You look so beautiful but OMG HUGE BELLY! But, HUGE in my mind means big healthy babies and I love it. At this point you are definitely happy every day they stay right where they are. Have you tried bribing them?

Kyler's Mom said...

Hi, You don't know me, but have watched your blog since Nyyaeli was born. She has grown so much. i don't get on here much and in fact just seen that you were expecting twins! That is so exciting. We just had twins in Oct, so now you know why i don't have much time to check my blogs anymore. So anyway. From one mom to another, congrats and enjoy... twins are a double the work, but double the fun also!

Irvin family said...

Nayeli, is growing and is as beautiful as ever. Glad to hear that you are feeling well and that the twins are doing well.

I have a question about Nayeli. When you go for her annual check ups have they ever said anything about the diaphram bulging where they closed the hole? Oakley's is and they are not sure yet, if she is possibly tring to reherniate or if it is just where they closed the hole and her growing as made it bulge out.
Nayeli, is the only other baby I know that had her repair done with the scope. I can't remember did they close Nayeli's hole with her own tissue and muscle (they did Oakley) or did they use a patch.

Thank you for any help, Sheree
Oakley's mom